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We talk with Aaron Spiers, bassist of RAVENEYE, about the trajectory of the band and their more immediate plans for the future after finishing a Tour that has taken them through a large part of Europe.

For the people who don´t know the band. How was the beginning?

Oli moved back to the UK from Canada and had a bunch of songs (that became the Breaking Out EP) to pitch to local venues in the UK, basically so that we could get on the road and tour. Oli met me (Aaron) through the original drummer and so we toured for the best part of 3 years, developing our show and working harder and harder on the best live show we could make.

I saw the band in 2014 for the first time and you have changed a member on Drums. How is the involvement of Adam Breeze in the band?

Adam is a phenomenal drummer and an integral part of the band. He fit in perfectly! We tend to do a lot of the touring, driving, loading, setup ourselves, so having every member of the band just in and get shit done is all part of what we do in RavenEye. Adam is also great with getting the tour videos/vlog out FAST! Check out our YouTube channel for a taste of his work.

You are three musicians who came from different styles.You came from the Jazz,Oli from the Blues and Adam loves 90´s music.How was the idea to create a ROCK`N ROLL BAND?

I think the common thread was that whilst we all came from different places we still love rock, grunge; bands like Audio Slave, Sound Garden, Pearl Jam, QOTSA; so it was easy to come together to write and play music together. It’s from these different places that we come up with different ideas for how to take the band to the next level as we all have strong ideas about how to make the show amazing, or how a video could look cool; we all put in everything we have to make the band the best it can be.

You have supported many artists and great bands around the world(Joe Satriani,The Darkness,Slash,Kiss,Aerosmith,…)and played some big Festivals(Hellfest,Download…) .Tell us something about that experience.How was playing for big audiencies?

We LOVE playing to big audiences, it’s kinda the reward we get for working and touring hard. There’s nothing like the feeling of playing to a huge crowd but then again, it’s also incredible to play to a small club crowd that all sing the words to your songs, so it’s all about playing really… we just love playing music!

We’ve had an amazing ride, the bands you mentioned there, last year in particular was incredible, we got to travel the world doing what we love and seeing other veteran bands out on some incredible shows, so we’re always learning and always getting better!

You have recorded the E.p. Breaking Out and the Album NOVA. Are you going to record a new album this year?

Yes, we are mid-way through writing the next album now. We originally wrote over 25 songs with the intention that we would record the best 10. We’ve now whittled the list down to 13 and working on finishing them off at the demo stage. We’re trying to book in studio time and a release schedule and should have new music out by the end of the year!

You have finished the British and European Tour. How was the experience?

Touring is what we live for, we would be on the road all year if we could, so those UK and European tours were incredible! It was amazing to see so many people come out for us, some shows in places we’ve never played before. It’s amazing to see this thing grow from over four years ago until now. We will have more UK and European tours planned for the release of the album, so stay tuned for that!

What do you think about your fans around the world?

We have the greatest famliy of Ravens all over the world. We played in Mexico last year and people came up to us with home-made flags with our name on it… we’d never even been to Mexico!? We love everyone that follows us and loves our music, we actually have an app for IOS and Android so that we can keep in touch with our family of Ravens, we do all sorts from pocasts to cooking live streams… it can be really fun! Plus we will be showing all sorts of studio footage when we go into the studio, so if you want to see what we’re really like, check out our app!

The band are really involved in social media, Is this necessary to be close of your fans?

It’s not necessary, but we think it’s important, after all, it’s our fans that buy our music and come out to see us play, we just want to hang out for a beer when we can too! But social media is very important for us to help spread the word and still is, we work hard to share what we’re doing and keep everyone involved with the journey.

How is your free time when you are not touring or recording ?

Free time can sometimes be hard to manage as we get so used to touring and going from here to there, setting up, hotels, driving etc etc, so coming home can be very slow compared to touring but we’re managing it better. We’re all into keeping fit and healthy, so we all cook and workout and practice and write.

You have been in Spain in other tours. What do you think about Spanish audience?

The Spanish audiences are some of the best in the world! There was a moment in the early days at a festival in Spain where we finished playing, packed up our gear and came outside for a beer and was greeted with a crowd cheering kinda like a standing ovation! It was a really special moment. You guys are loud and love to have a good time, so the perfect audience for us!

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