Interview: Chris Howling Birx, vocalist of Motorjesus

We talck with Chris Howling Birx, vocalist of the Germans Motorjesus of his more immediate plans for the future as well as his imminent visit to Spain next June. We remind you that those two chosen dates will be 7 in Rocksound of Barcelona and 8 in the Garage Sound Festival (Madrid).

Hi Chris! A great pleasure to talk to you. Could you tell us anything about the actuality of the band?

Hey! First of all thanks for the interview and thanks for the support. At the moment we’re preparing for our shows in Spain and our upcoming release party in Germany. We’re currently testing on the new songs and working on a proper show and a good setlist for the shows.

Electric Revelation was your last album recorded in 2014.How has been the evolution of the band until today?

Well I don’t know if there’s a big evolution. We changed some people in the line up, but wrote the album with the main core songwriters. I think it still sounds like us. Maybe the guitars are a bit up front than on the previous album.

Race to Resurrection is the title of your new album.We have listened the single “King Collider” and it sounds great.Tell us about the process of recording.

We recorded the album near our home in Viersen at the NRG Studios with Christian Boche a local engineer. Then we recorded some more guitars and vocals with Dennis Marschallik from the band Ignition a great German heavy metal band. He’s awesome for working on vocals. Then we handed it all over to Mr Dan Swano (Opeth, Witherscape, Edge of Sanity ) who also did a great job with mixing and mastering the record. It was a great experience overall but at times pretty nerve wrecking from time to time. But that’s normal for us.

How is the present of the Rock music in Germany?

Oh I think the metal and rock scene in Germany is doing pretty good. We are very curious about the album Release in june and how it will work out.

As a frontman, which are your favourite singers ?

That’s definitely early Phil Anselmo , Chris Cornell and John Bush from Anthrax. But among many many other great singers. There are so many influences singing wise its a bit hard to explain in full Detail.

You recorded a great cover Metallica’s song Of Wolf and Man. Are they an influence in your music?

Nope I’m sorry… many people suggest that Metallica must be an big influence for Motorjesus. I mean they’re great and did awesome albums. But we’re more influenced by Scandinavian rock like Turbonegro, Gluecifer and Southern bands like Down and Corrosion of Conformity. And of course traditional metal like Anthrax or even Maiden and NWOBHM. It’s a wild mix of these genres.

You are gonna play in two gigs in Spain (Barcelona “Rocksound” and Madrid “Garage Sound Festival”) What can the Spanish fans  expect about your shows?

Hopefully that we won’t screw it up and deliver a good show.

Garage Sound Festival is a Rock Festival that unites Motor activities and Rock Music ,Is this the perfect place for the band?

We will see…Its an interesting concept they have. I think it should fit pretty good. I’m very excited and looking forward for this great festival !

Garage Sound Fest

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